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SDSA Editor

Shelter Island Marina was awarded honorable mention for “Best Location” and “Best Service” in a May 2011 issue of Dockwalk Magazine. The article, entitled “Marinas: Best of the Best,” ranked global marina facilities according to captain testimonies.

Shelter Island Marina was listed alongside other high-profile facilities like Atlantic in the Bahamas and the International Yacht Club Antibes; the marinas listed were all noted for offering above-and-beyond services and amenities.

The article was presented as “...scoop directly from captains on standout marinas that not only exceeded their expectations, but make them want to return again and again.”

Shelter Island Marina, San Diego’s largest "mega yacht" marina, is a popular stopping point for mega yachts that visit the region. It is leased from the Port of San Diego by Bartell Hotels and operated by the Island Palms Hotel and Marina. 

Prior to the 1940s, Shelter Island existed only as a sandbank formed by deposits from the San Diego River. The landscape was created through a series of engineering efforts in the mid 20th century that transformed it into a stable landmass. A Los Angeles times article published in 1960 described the construction efforts as “a testimonial to human ingenuity.”

The article also ranked marinas in additional categories such as best design, best crew facilities and best provisioning access.

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